Friday, October 3, 2014

Monthly Me - October 2014

I'm done being mad. I feel like I've spent a large part of the summer being angry--at how shitty my life has gotten, at how poor we are, at how stupid people are being about EVERYTHING out in the world. But I can't support anger like that. It steals my sleep and knots up my stomach and puts me back in the dark place where my mind is making my body sick, and I've spent too much time for that.

So the world can just go and be as stupid as it wants to be. I'm just going to be over here doing what I CAN do--growing food, writing, trying to get published, blogging about what matters to me, reading, drinking tea. When I find something I can do, I'll do it, and the rest of the time, the world can go jump up its own ass as much as it wants to, because I'm done carrying its sins around like they're my own.

In other news:
- It doesn't feel like it today, but it's officially been fall for a while now, and all the leaves are turning. I love it.
- my weight is down even though I has in and had a regular sandwich with delicious delicious gluten for dinner last night.
- Ninja is way healthier since we switched her to wet food to help with her horrible dry skin. She's thinner, her fur is super plush and soft, and she's running around and playing again! It's amazing.
- My tomato plants are still making tomatoes.
- Just off to the side of that picture is my bow, which sits in my umbrella stand with my sword and my umbrellas. It was actually visible in some of the millions of selfies I took to get this one (moderately) good one.

And now I'm going to have some tea and an apple with crunchy chocolate-hazelnut spread. Kroger totally has a crunchy kind! It's a half the cost of Nutella and the closest knockoff I've found yet, taste and texture-wise, and that's a very good thing.

We'll be moving soon; next month's Monthly Me might be in a different house.

Photo taken with the timer in Afterlight, edited in Afterlight, and labeled in Over.
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