Friday, July 13, 2012

List: Six Word Happiness

Over on Mom101 (* right now, she's been talking to Gretchen Rubin of the Happiness Project, who is one of my favorite people. And they've been talking about the gs that make you uniquely happy--and saying them in six words or less. So here's my list of six words or less happiness-nuggets:

 -Having a stack of new books.
-Starting a new book.
-Reading a whole book at once.
-seeing movies at the theatre.
-Seeing old friends without catching up**.
-A whole pot of good tea.
-Eating expensive chocolate, slowly.
-the smell of dirt after rain.
-Tiny baby kittens doing anything.
-Kitty-snuggles when I'm napping.
-Sleeping whenever I'm tired.
-Watching tv shows I love.
-Geeking put for hours with friends.
-Listing things.
-When writing is going well.
-going through a new airport.
-Hearing my earrings jingle at me.
-Cooking with friends.
-perusing bookshelves for hours.
-Being noticed by people I admire.
-Surprising people with something I say.
-Hugs. -finding out that people smell nice.
-Finding roses in unexpected places.
-Feeling textures things.
-Getting a perfectly-fitted pair of shoes.
-skits that swish around my ankles.
-A perfectly executed RomCom.
-Watching shows about deep space.
-Perfect cool days.
-Dozing during thunderstorms.
-Being somewhere new.
-Standing on top of hills.
-Skinnydping at night, under full moons.
-Being in a group of kindred.
-After delivering a presentation, the rush.
-Seeing my name in print.
-When babies smile at me.

 I could probably go on. In fact, I probably will, at some point, but I think you get the hint. What makes your list, in six words or less?

 *Please forgive all the nonlinked links--my comp died and I've been updating from the iPad, which has limited features, none of which are hyperlinking, and I can't seem to get the app to post anything. ::sigh::
**as in, just picking up where we left off as if we'd never been away.
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