Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lookest upon my face. Am'st I bovver'Ed?

The answer to that would be yes. Because a week or so ago, Yahoo lost thousands of contact details, of which I was one, and I've been spending far too much time resetting passwords, coming up with ever newer and longer ones, and then forgetting what I changed them to at every turn and having to change them again. AND THEN! Today I get an email saying my eBay account has been hacked, and when I go to change the password there (which I'm pretty sure I already changed, but whatevs, maybe I missed it), I can't even check in because my presets have all been changed and I don't know the answers to the security questions anymore. I try calling, but the weather is bad and it won't connect. eBay has no accessible email anymore. So I started a new account on a different email address, and I'm going to have to just trust for now that my account will stay locked. I'm not pleased. This is not what I need. I'm not happy.
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