Sunday, November 25, 2012

Right now:

  • I just took a very unsatisfactory shower (the thing broke and they only got it half fixed before the holiday), but I feel better anyway
  • I have a horrible cold--sore throat, coughing, mucus, the whole deal
  • I broke my favorite teacup while I was busy not sleeping last night because my arm was just enough asleep (when the rest of me wasn't) to affect my grip
  • Mom replaced it with her antique Chinese tea cup from when we lived overseas, and it's lovely, but now I'm afraid I'm going to break that one, too
  • Nasal irrigation is really gross when you have a head cold, but it helps so much
  • I wish City of Bones was out already so that I can go see it right now
  • Making nail polish has made my synaesthesia more noticeable; I'm always concerned about what color things are now, and it's a little weird, but also feels like I'm using my brain for the right things for the first time in a long time
  • I had no less than five ideas for middle-grade stories series the other day; I've never written middle-grade. Now I feel the need to read a bunch of it to refresh my mind on how it works.
  • I'm suddenly in love with the Rubaiyat poem structure; lets see if anything comes of it
  • My feet are cold, but there's tea in my belly
  • I've been having a melancholy week; this holiday season is off to a great start, mentally and emotionally (sarcasm mark)
  • I can't wait until I get all my books up here and out of storage; I'm dying to reread some of them
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