Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thankful Thursday - Week 5 2013

Today's journal prompt* from Mari and Create Write Now fits today's theme perfectly:

Take some time today to express gratitude to the universe for the people that crossed your path way back when. As you give thanks, you might think of one characteristic of each person and how that quality still contributes to your life today.
So here's my list of things I'm tankful for today, in the them of Way Back When:

  • My eight grade English teacher who used to let me hang out in her classroom when I didn't want to go home, and talked to me about books
  • My tenth grade English teacher who knew I was mostly writing a novel when I was in class and didn't once tell me to put it away and take notes on class
  • My cousin who gave me the entire Narnia set when I was ten, and changed my idea of good books
  • Whatever germ laid me up when I was twelve, so that I was too sick to go to school but too restless to just lay around, because that's the day I started writing
  • That childhood that let me travel all around the world, gathering images and ideas and scraps of mythology to build what seems to be a much more interesting world view than most people have!
  • Mom, when she gave me a little diary when I was nine or ten, and told me I could write whatever I wanted in it because it was mine--I mostly tracked my dreams in it when I was much older, because ten year old me left most of the pages blank, but I kept it and I remembered that it was mine
  • My second-grade teacher who taught me origami and didn't seem to mind when I made hundreds of tiny cranes and stars, and who taught me all about science, giving me a clear, optimistic view about the future and what science can do with it
What are you grateful for in your past today?

*I know I said no more journaling stuff here, but this prompt was just too perfect for the Thankful Thursday stuff!
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