Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Babysitter Tales - Long weekends

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, all three of the kids are home all day. Which means nothing but madness. Like, Lovecraftian sorts of madness. I swear they all have three mouths and too many arms, judging by how often I'm telling them stop throwing things and to tone the volume down. 

The baby (who is now almost three, but is still the youngest kid in the family and so is still the baby), has decided that every time I go to the bathroom, I must need help. In this case, 'help' usually means holding the door open and rearranging the toilet paper and getting soap all over the place. But he's so cute about it. He busts in the door and goes "ya nee help?" and looks like he really thinks that he's doing something helpful. I want to encourage this impulse; one of the kids has to be the sort who helps out, right?

We were watching one of those Disney Channel shows the kids like--the one about all those kids who were adopted from all over the world. It was the one little girl's Gotcha Day, the celebration of the day she was adopted, and it was very sweet. I think if I ever adopt kids, I'll do something like that for them. I've already decided to celebrate half-birthdays, too; mostly because I always wanted to celebrate mine and no one ever would play along, and partly because a year is a really long time for a kid to wait. Especially if, like the baby, you're birthday is way at the end of the year. He's had to go to everyone else's birthday all year, and it's only just now getting to his.

Also, you never can have too many things to celebrate, just in general.

Big Sister just had her birthday this past weekend, and her mom got her a keyboard. She seems to be doing alright teaching herself how to play. It was so much harder for me to learn; I was about the same age when I learned piano, but I didn't have nearly her crazy-confidence, and I was so shy that the performance part of the class I took was like torture. And I have so little natural coordination! It took forever to learn each song. But I loved it, and I practiced after school almost every day. I hope she loves it as much. Every kid should have things they love to do.
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