Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday - Ideas that would make the world better if we implemented them

  1. Teachers are super-important to the future not only of our children, but to the world the children will build
  2. We aren't the bosses of everything; it's our responsibility to make sure we don't use everything up now, and that we make it easier to live lightly on the world in the future
  3. Communities support communities, and it's up to the community to build the community it wants to be
  4. Kids really can do stuff for themselves sometimes
  5. We aren't the police of the entire world just because we have more guns; that's not really all that great a way to judge actual progress and usefulness
  6. Smart is better than conformist or strong in this modern world; focus on making people smarter
  7. Public transportation. Across the board.
  8. Urban gardening can feed almost everyone it's needed to feed in a city
  9. Buying local and supporting local business could totally change the economy and make the collapses we're weathering much less likely to happen again
  10. Everyone in the world needs to travel to see how other people live at least once in their lives
What ideas do you think could change the world?
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