Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 In Review!

That about sums it up, Benny.

First! The good! In no real order since I didn't manage to keep up the detailing of facts this past year and so I have to rely on my kind-of-crappy memory:

  • Incidental Twin took off and I made some lovely friends through it! I haven't yet broken even, but I'm making enough to keep going and I'm working on some Big Plans for the year to come!
  • I graduated Grad School! I was doubting I ever would, but I totally did!
  • I finished my novel! And then in November, I wrote another one! Which means I have one compete and one being revised, and I'm working on another, and that's more to sell to an agent as I start off the New Year!
  • I got to see a movie in the theatre almost every month because of the kindness of my brother.
  • I went to the beach for the first time since leaving Florida.
  • I got to visit my best friend over a year after moving away from him!
  • I read 46 books.
  • I saw Avengers about 37 times because the kids liked to watch it and I liked it better than Spiderman 3 or any of the Transformers, which were the other "let's watch a movie" options they gave me.
  • I got to be in on the ground floor as the Sleepy Hollow fandom formed around me* while I watched!
  • I finally figured out at least a part of why I've been so unhealthy and started on the path of fixing it.
  • I got to Kickstart part of The Veronica Mars movie, the Story War game, the Superfight game, the This Is How You Die game, the Dungeon Roll game, and teeny tiny bits of a number of other games! Which means a return of gaming to my life, at some point.
  • I became obsessed with the Halloween update of the Simpsons Tapped Out game. The Christmas one was pretty great, too.
  • Also obsessed with Candy Crush Saga, Jelly Splash, and The Silent Age. This last one? I can't wait until I can play the next chapter.
  • I've done much better with the floating anxiety and depression I've been arguing with inside my brain chemistry for the last ten years or so.
  • I got to watch the wonderful Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special live because the Beeb simulcasted it. It was so great knowing that the whole world's Doctor Who fandom was watching and screaming and crying at the same time as I was.
And now the bad! Because every life is a pile of good things and a pile of bad things:
  • My dad had a series of mini-stokes at the beginning of the year, and it was rough for a while.
  • Mom was sick and hurt way too often.
  • I fell in the tub and cracked a few of my ribs on Valentines Day; if that doesn't sum up my current relationship with romance, I don't know what does.
  • I was really unwell at the beginning of the year.
  • I have not yet found an agent, and that's sad-making and anxiety-inducing.
  • I didn't manage to finish my micro-fic-a-day challenge I set myself; I'm apparently not good with challenges that don't have defined ends.
  • I still haven;t figured out how to make friends here, or where to go to find cool people, and sometimes I feel really isolated.
  • Raleigh is not all it's cracked up to be.
  • I missed a number of concerts I really wanted to go to because of rampant poorness.
Really, this year doesn't have a lot to complain about. I mean, it was better than the upheaval that was 2012, and it was rough often, and depressing sometimes, but not as bad or as specific as a lot of the years right before it, so I don't have a lot to say on the bad list. And I'd much rather focus on the good list, you know? 

How did your last year go, lovely readers?

* When I say 'around me' I mean, I was there, not that I had a central role in it. Just to be clear.
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