Monday, January 27, 2014

I Made This - Hair-flowers

This is so simple it's not really a tutorial, more of an update on what I've been doing to keep my hands busy while my computer is messed up and I have to keep messing with it trying to fix it. And it's in gif-form! Whoo! Look here:

Apparently the translation from my phone to the computer makes it less pretty. Also, my desk is a mess in the background of almost every shot. But hey: you work with what you have.

SO here's what I had:
  1. Get some flowers - These were just two sprigs of the cheapest ones, in colors I liked; they were maybe two or three dollars a piece*. Make sure they're the ones stuck on the wire with little sockets so you can just pull the wire out from under them.
  2. Get some bobby pins. You could probably use just about any kind of pin here, as long as the closed end is small enough; I usually have about 9 million bobby pins laying around at all times.
  3. Jam the bobby pins into the place where the wire was, making a new stem that is a pin. 
  4. Jam the pins into your hair.
  5. Repeat.
These flowers also had leaves stuck on the wires in the same way, so I made a few leaf-pins, too, for accents, and then walked around half the day yesterday with half a garden stuck in my hair all around my bun. Good times.

I'll probably be making more of these because they're cheap and I like putting stuff in my hair, and maybe some more complicated ones with alligator-clips out of the fancier flowers and maybe some feathers later. I'll also be making a holder to keep them from rolling around all over my desk later. How much later? Who knows! When I have time and money some weekend, or when I get my crafting stuff out of storage and manage to find the parts I need.

If you do this, show us what flowers you used and how they turned out!

See you next post!

* There were some gorgeous, full, amazingly not-naturally-colored ones in the $5-8 range that I'll go back for later.

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