Wednesday, April 9, 2014

National Sibling Day!

The pretty kitty here totally counts as a sibling. She was Rhiannon, prettiest and sweetest of all the purebred showcats who were sold as pets because their breeders got short-warning transfers. So, basically, of her litter. We found out that her brother, who my mom almost got instead, wound up being a 20lb mouser on a Navy ship somewhere. Rhiannon never got over 8lbs!

But I digress.

Since this National Siblings Day happens to also be on Throwback Thursday (and maybe always is? I dunno.), I thought I'd start with that picture of my sis and I. We were in Scotland there, so I was maybe ten, tops, and so she was no more than eight, and probably more like seven.

She's the mom of those kids I keep posting about!

Both of them will probably be scandalized that I posted these pictures, but they can suck it, because that's what sibs do. This is my bro, of Dave's Empire 1981, and my sis, soon to be manager of her own shoestore in a fancy mall around here, and sometimes baker of LPMidnight Bakeries--which is the silly name we gave to her habit of making cookies and cakes late at night for the people at work.

Both are awesome, and both usually look more put together than they do in these pictures, which is why I love these ones so much. Also, both are tattooed, both have kids, and both are super-creative. For years, when we were living overseas, we were the only friends we knew we could keep, so even when we were all awful teens at the same time, there was that underlying bond.

We all sing badly, but badly in the same way, so that we harmonize perfectly even though we're all off-key.

Who're your sibs?
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