Monday, May 5, 2014

A Hipstamatic a day #1

These are the same picture taken with randomized frames and films in the iPhone Hipstamatic app. I'm probably going to do this periodically, because it's fun. I don't have every combo they've made available, but I have most of the ones from the last two or three years.
Salvador 84 + Ina's 1935 (no flash)

Helga Viking + RTV Shout!

Kaimal Mark II + Claunch 72 Monochrome

Melodie + Ina's 1935
(I really like this one; it's saved in my favorites!)

John S + Ina's 1969
(apparently the Random was on an Ina kick)

Roboto Glitter + Pistil

YURI 61 + Rasputin

If you use Hipstamatic, which is awesome despite everything being an in-app purchase, and you use these combos, link to the pics so we can see how they look different in different places / lights / flashes!
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