Monday, July 14, 2014

Have a twitchy eye? Try tonic water!

A while ago, I had a twitchy eye. it's not that unusual to have an eye twitch for an hour or a day, but I was waking up with it, and it was staying on and off all day. And it lasted for a month. It feels weird anyway, but when it goes on that long, it starts feeling like there's something seriously wrong, and the worry basically makes it worse.

Now, I'm too poor to go to the doctor over a twitchy eye, and that's definitely not enough to go to the ER for, so I decided to look up home remedies. I'm a big fan of fixing for myself what a doctor would either brush off or give me a pill that would just cover it up without telling me what caused it to begin with.

I can't find the sources I found in my research, but it seems a twitchy eye can be caused by chronic stress, lack of sleep, or eye strain, and the cheapest way to fix it is a mild muscle relaxant. It just so happens that the quinine in tonic water IS a mild relaxant!

If you aren't used to it--like I'm still not!--it can taste pretty bad, and it usually was a lot of calories because of sugar you totally can't taste in it. But it goes really well with lemonade or limeade, and is actually pretty drinkable that way.

I drank one whole cocktail-sized bottle a day with lemonade, for there days, and the twitch wasn't come back in over two months!

• Be sure it's tonic water and not seltzer, because it's the tonic that makes it medicinal.
• This would probably also work on other small-muscle problems, but I haven't had any to try it out.

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