Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Home of the Future

I don't remember how I started getting The Red Bullitin, Red Bull's extreme lifestyle magazine (Klout? Some promo thing?), and I certainly don't have an extreme lifestyle unless you count, like, making things myself and trying to not eat junk, but sometimes there's a neat article in it*. This month's issue had an article about the home of 2030, as they see it, and it has some really neat ideas.

  • Instead of having a separate living room, dining room, media room, workout room, tinkering room, etc, you'd have one space that is configurable for any need. And the really cool part is that it would configure itself, with a home-computer-controlled system of moving walls, self-moving furniture, customized lighting, etc.
  • Most of a home's food needs would come from a mini-farm back garden for each house, tended by a tiny (by farming standards, anyway) automated gardener / farmer bot that would make sure everything grows the best it can and stays healthy.
    • Including raising chickens, and having a built-in greenhouse that uses no energy from the grid but allows people to grow out-of-zone exotics and off-season basics.
  • Everyone's work spaces would be customized to perfectly suit their work AND their own particular best ways of focusing, reaching that flow state everyone wants, and coming up with new ideas, innovations, and ways to be creative.
  • And everyone will have access to video games that also keep them healthy and help them wind down heathily so they can sleep well and have lucid dreams that help them be stronger, faster, better, more accurate, and more creative.
Sounds like a pretty good life to me, and if you add, like, totally renewable power, souped-up recycling that integrates into the community so everyone is recycling and composting, and maybe walls that can be big computer or TV screens, it'd be a perfect close-future home!

*And always neat pictures--I use them for collaging all the time.
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