Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Getting to know me

I found this list-meme over on Tumblr, and since I've been off this blog for a while and I also love these things, I thought I'd fill it out.

1:Real (first) Name?
Samantha. Almost Chloe Phaedra, if my dad is to be believed.

2:Current crush!?
In real life? No one, really. In celeb-life? The newest addition to my Top Ten (which is sitting actually around seven or eight right now) is Aaron Stanford. He's too cute.

Tea. Chocolate, probably. Buying books I don't have time to read. Fanfic?

4:How tall am I?
Four foot ten. Shorter than most people over the age of about nine.

5:Relationship status?
In a committed relationship with several fictional men.

6:Girls I trust?
My sister. My Monkeys. My Troublemakers.

7:Boys I trust?
A2. Also Troublemakers. Hayhay. Jason.

9:Current mood?
Restless, but low-energy--I'm in a lot of pain right now and I'm gonna go take a nap when I'm done here.

10:how many followers?
On Tumblr, 488. On Twitter, almost 900.

I didn't like most of the books I had to read for my undergrad degree.

12:Who I miss?
Hayhay. Jason. The independent me I used to be.

13:Who I last hugged?
A2, probably. I hug him all the time.

14:Who understands me?
My sister. Hayhay. Kristina. I think my brother gets me most of the time. Not a lot of others in that totally free sort of way.

15:Someone who is always there for me:
My sister.

16:Last Text?
A link to my sister about how 1st graders finished famous proverbs, and how hilarious it was.

17:someone you cry to?
My sister. My mom.

18:Who makes me laugh the most?
Hayden. We don't even have to talk to each other to be cracking up!

19:Who I do the craziest stuff with?
Once upon a time, Hayden. Nowadays, probably A2, since I basically just wander around behind him while he wanders off.

20:Who makes me smile?
With their very existence? Tom Hiddleston. Aaron Stanford. Almost any baby or kitten. David Tennant.

21:What am i listening to?
A show about dinosaur extinctions playing in the other room.

22:Turn on’s?
Good hands. Cheekbones. Wide shoulders. Goofy grins and mobile, expressive faces. Gentleness. Good senses of humor. Treating me special without crossing over into spoiling or condescending. Wide-ranging, animated conversations about stuff we love. Liking cats and babies and being liked by them in return (because they know how good you are). Brains. Weird sensed of humor. Adventuresomness.

23:Turn offs?
Being a jackass. Being mean. Being good looking but having a horrible personality--it makes it worse, because the looks are like a lie. Being shallow or condescending. Being smothering, Being untrustworthy. Lying. Hitting. Manipulating.

24. Bestfriends?
Hayden and Jason. My sister.

26:Second confession?
I take way too much pleasure in talking about myself.

27:What I hate?
Unfairness--and lots of things are unfair. Not having better options. Being lied to. Being manipulated. People who get away with being jerks and see no reason to be better because of it. Willful ignorance and lack of creativity. Violence. Willful destruction of people, places and things.

28:Last person to give you butterflies?
In real life? That's a ways back. AP maybe. Or Sam. All sorts of famous people do all the time, though!

So that's me! How would you answer these questions?
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