Saturday, April 11, 2015

I'm relaunching my Cashew Creations shop!

A million years ago, when I lived in a house with four room mates and two other housemates and we all crafted, I set up a shot for us to sell our stuff--and then I was the only one who used it and it eventually fell silent.

But now! Now I'm diversifying my life, I craft, my mom takes photos, my sister makes things, my dad and brother make things, so I'm going to relaunch the shop as part of my Birthday Month Celebration! By the end of May, Cashew Creations will be a thing again, and leading up to it, I'm going to periodically sneak peek some of the stuff we're going to be posting there! So stay tuned!

We'll be selling my mom's photography and photo-manipulation cards and prints and hopefully cloth items if we can find a quick and efficient way to print them.

My paper and yarn goods, which will change as the season does, and occasional jewelry. I'll also be adding home items decorated with the nail polish from my Polish Shop, IncidentalTwin!

There'll also be occasional items from my dad, brother and sister, as they find time to make them.

We're so excited, you guys, and I hope you are as excited as we are!

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