Thursday, June 11, 2015

I need this on my blog - Fwd: #Truthbomb 818

I'm in the almost last three days of moving. I hate this part of moving, and every time I had to go through it, I just want more to be rich enough to hire people to do all this crap for me next time. It kills my calm, my creativity, my motivation, my kindness. It makes my back hurt, my head hurt, my arms hurt. It makes me want to run away into the woods forever (but my Inner Deer is pretty strong most of the time anyway, so...). 

I'm going to try to replace this cycle of hate with these simple words Danielle Laporte repeats fairly often:

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Danielle Laporte Inc. #234 - 2055 Commercial Drive Vancouver, British Columbia V5N 0C7 Canada
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