Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday Worksheets: Debt, Books and Agendas

This post is part of an ongoing series where I post worksheets to help you organize and clarify your life--all aspects of it!

This week's worksheets are a Monthly Debt Tracker, A Monthly Books Read Tracker, and a Weekly Agenda.

  1. The Debt Tracker accounts for money in and money out and has a totaling list at the bottom; you can use it as a register for your checking account, but it's intended to help you see your total debt from all accounts, and the steps being made to combat that debt.
  2. The Book Tracker has spaces for title and author, but also asks you some questions to help you metabolize what you've just read. There's space on this two-page sheet to track four books; if you read more than a book a week, just print more copies of the second page!*
  3. The Agenda is divided by To Do and Should Do (which can also be used as a Want To Do) to help you prioritize each day, and I've included one that starts on Monday, because that's when I start my week, and one that starts on the more traditional Sunday.
All sheets are original to me. All sheets are free for you to use, but if you post them other places, link back to here and keep the copyright notices intact. Come back next week for three more random but useful worksheets!

If there are any worksheets you'd like to see, contact me at pirategirljack at gmail dot com, and I'll see what I can do! Otherwise, I'll just continue to share the worksheets that I use and that have been useful for teaching me how to function like an organized adult!

*also: Good for you! More people need to read as voraciously as you.
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