Tuesday, February 4, 2014

GF Experiments - Peanutbutter Crispix Bars

Look! It's one that worked! And like all my hand-made recipes it's vague! And that's why I'm unlikely to write a cookbook!

Okay, so I needed a dessert one night because dinner was light and I was hungry, and what we had were Crispix, giant marshmallows, margarine, Peanutbutter, and an 8x8 pan.

I've made rice crispy treats a million times and so I sort of knew how to do it. I only had a little pan to melt it all together and I knew I didn't want a six-cups-of-cereal start, so I did this:

Buttered the pan within an inch of whatever life a Pyrex baking dish has.

Put somewhere around a half cup of peanutbutter (we had honey-roasted) in the saucepan with a few tablespoons margarine, and melted it down.

Measured four cups of the cereal into the baking dish while stuff was melting.

Plunked in four of those enormous campfire toasting marshmallows (which would maybe be ten regular sized ones?), and melted those down, too, and the second it was a smooth sauce of deliciousness, drizzled it over the cereal. Mixing was easy, but the flattening wasn't, because I forgot to keep the napkin I used to butter the dish with around and the spoon was sticky. But it went fine.

I let it six for an hour or two, and then cut it into sixteen pieces and proceeded to eat two at a time.

It's sweet, sticky but not overly so once it set, not hard to cut or to get out of the dish, and had just a little sweet peanuttyness that I love.

Notes for next time:
- I think I'll add just a pinch of salt next time, just to balance the flavors a little--or will use salted butter instead of margarine
- I'd like to try to make it with natural peanutbutter, which should make it more nutty, and maybe with any of the slew of chocolate-and-nut butters that are on the shelves now.
- I'd maybe like to add a layer of chocolate ganache to the top like the way my elementary school did with the rice crispies they had.

And that's about it! They were delicious and I don't want to change all that much!

How would you make em? Share in the comments!
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