Monday, February 10, 2014

I Made This - Earring Holder and Display

So I have a million earrings (approximately). And they've been living is a bowl since I moved up here--it's a great bowl, but it's not the best way to know what earrings you have or whether you still have two of the ones you're looking for.

So I made a thing!


It took somewhere between and hour and an hour 1/2, and here is how I did it:

- a wood picture frame. I got this one from the As Is clearance section at the craft store without glass or a back for cheap.
- A ruler
- Flat thumbtacks or furniture embroidery tacks
- Scissors or pliers with wire cutters
- Wire; this is floral wire because I wanted it lightweight.
- Pencil or pen
- Cat getting in the way is optional

And this, which I forgot about until I needed to use it:

First: decide how far away you want your wires and mark them out:

Next, figure out how to get your pins in. I pushed the first few, but that made my fingers hurt so I switched to the hammer; that also required me to move to the kitchen floor because its the only place in the house that isn't carpeted, and therefore the only place where the frame didn't rebound when I used the hammer.

NOTE: Thumb tacks are not meant to be hammered. I squashed a bunch flat and had to start over. I bashed my fingers a lot before I started holding them in place with my scissors and wishing I had needle nosed pliers after all.

ALSO NOTE: Don't hammer them all the way in:

Go all the way around on all four sides. Replace pins that flatten, break or pop out as you go.

Start wrapping the wire. I started on the long side and went up and down first, wrapping every other or so around more than once to hold the wire in place as I went:

NOTE: Floral wire kinks easily and also breaks easily, so try not to twist it up too much or force it. I used the spool like a shuttle and only unwound about six inches or eight inches at a time to avoid damage to the wire.

Once the whole thing is wired:

Hammer those pins flat to hold the wire down. Replace any that you break or mash in the process:

Then do the other direction, weaving in and out so that the wires hold each other up and form a really loose sort of mesh:

This is where things might get tricky as you run out of space. Thankfully, feet are useful for holding:

Them you hammer in those pins, wipe off fingerprints and floor-dust, hang the whole thing on the wall and get those earrings where you can see them!

Of course, a rectangle of window screen or some chicken wire would make this much easier, but I didn't have any of that. You could also paint the frame or use a fancier one, but I liked the cleanness of the black. 

What do you think? How do you organize your earrings?

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