Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Weekly Weigh In - 162!

Officially 162, still down from last week! But on Sunday I was as low as 160.9, which was very good to see!

I've been on the GF diet for almost two months straight without breaking it, and this past week, I've gone back to counting calories. I've also decided to keep carrots, celery and apples in the house, and to just dip them in those yummy yogurt dips, hummus or if I'm feeling naughty, a proper serving of the knock-off Nutella that I love so much. I think having carrots and hummus or celery and yogurt dip for lunch has been good--I feel virtuous eating vegetables, you know? Like, the opposite of feeling all greasy and gross after eating junk food?

I don't know if it was part of the success here, but I also started trading out a few of my many cups of tea during the week for green tea or oolong. They're supposedly both good for weight loss, but mostly I did it because I get tired of plain black tea (though I have never yet actually gotten rid of tea itself!).

It's just so encouraging to see the timbers ticking down!

Pic was taken in the Reflex app, the square was added in the Tangent app, and the words in A Beautiful Mess.
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