Thursday, March 12, 2015

Actual object-things I want in my life

I'm not really concerned with having the lashes things or with having a house that shows off my money (cough--granite countertops--cough), but I do like stuff. I blame it on a combination of a constantly uprooted childhood so that the frame matters less than what's in it--our stuff equals home, not the house--and my personal habit of forgetting about things unless I can see them.

So I've been building the life I want with the careful collection of things, and the painful learning of how-to-get-rid-of-other-things. Because if I just collected things, regardless of what they mean, and never got rid of anything, I'd be a harder, and I'm already a pack rat, and I'm not a fan of extremes.

So here's some stuff I still want:
- my own throwing wheel and kiln (which would require a garage or workhouse to keep them in)
- a trampoline
- a treehouse
- a huge garden with statues and gazing balls and water features
- a set of copper cookware
- matching glass jars for all my herbs, spices, smoothie additives, gf flours, teas, and pantry goods--and probably also any preserves or pickles I decide to make
- a loom big enough to weave a blanket on (which would require a space big enough to work with it--or at least store it when I'm not working)
- a full loom--the sort with levers and treadles and stuff
- a full tea service, including a teapot-warmer
- a tea table and floor pillows to put around it
- hidden beds--like the ones that fold up inside not just couches, but chairs and coffee tables and sideboards, so I can sleep anywhere and have lots of friends over
- a fishtank--ideally, a huge goldfish tank like I had before, but really, any tank right now would be great
- a swing in a tree
- an orchard
- a greenhouse for starting seeds outside
- a four-poster bed or some other sort of fancy canopy bed
- a library

As I'm sure there's more, but these are the things I'm longing for most strongly right now. What physical things do you want in your life?

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