Monday, March 2, 2015

Monthly Me - March 2015

A little up in weight, but I've been waiting on this month's moon (which is lagging again since I went off the black cohosh), and necessity has made me cheat on the Diet, so I'm a little inflamed because of the return of gluten. But really, a pound or two is not bad for that and I kept under 160 most of the past month.

Mood has been much better, though I did have a mini panic attack last night, the first in ages--and I beat it with relaxation and sleep and meditation / thought-redirection instead of spiraling down into it and sobbing all night, so that's cool.

The cold is starting to get to my joints, they're achy in my hands and arms and one knee, but we've had gaps in the cold all winter, so I feel like it won't hold on too long this year.

The tail end of Feb was full of days when I couldn't actually get anything done, but somehow I still hit most of my goals, so I'm not beating myself up over it too much!

How're you doing this month?
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