Thursday, July 18, 2013

Right now I am...

Waiting on the bottles so I can make the next round of nail polish and maybe make some income to help me Do Life Things.

Restarting a novel I was 12k words into, when I thought I was more like 3k.

Trying to decide what color I'll paint my nails today, because they've been naked for, like, two weeks since I peeled off my graduation color at the end-of-Rez party.

Feeling kind of crappy today because the weather is shifting again, storms coming from the other direction this time, and the air pressure getting all crackly in my ears.

Wishing I could afford a new bangle--it's been over a year since I could afford one!

Trying to figure out what new things I can put dirt into so I can grow some fall veggies in my porch garden.

Marvelling at how well that milk-crate compost thing works. It's been going for a little over a month, I just switched the top and middle crates, and it's already pretty gone to dirt on the bottom of the crate! And I didn't even chicken-wire it or cover it or anything.

Excited about the Five Years of Stories ebook they're letting people download. Five years' worth of every story published on Brilliant! Some of my favorite shorts have come from there.

Avoiding cleaning my room.

Wishing I was napping with the cat.

Debating making some tea even though it's stupid-hot.

Wishing for fall, but knowing it'll be another month and a half, at least, before the heat breaks.

Looking forward to BLTs for dinner.

How about you?
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