Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday - Cutest Things Dogs Do

  1. Shaking water off their fur so hard they kick their feet off the ground.
  2. Putting their chin on your knee and looking up at you.
  3. Wagging their tail so hard their butt bends back and forth.
  4. Wiggling their butt before they launch into motion.
  5. That doggy-smile when they're having fun.
  6. Herding babies to keep them safe.
  7. Being afraid of silly things like cats that live in the same house, or jello.
  8. That head-tilt when they're trying really hard to understand you.
  9. Giving hints that they want to go outside, like dropping their leash and ball on your feet and putting it back there when you move it.
  10. Dreaming with the little whimpers and foot-kicks.
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