Saturday, July 13, 2013

Thyroid Diet - Update 1

Overall, I feel pretty good.

Last time I weighed myself (which I didn't post here, for whatever reason), I was down almost a pound and a half despite the point in my cycle I'm currently in. Since I didn't lose any weight and even, some weeks, gained weight no matter what I did for over a month before this, I'm inclined to think of it as proof of how it's working. It's still early days--I've only been on this diet for less than a month--but it's something, and it's encourageing, and it makes me want to see if it'll keep getting better.

As for the other things I'm seeing if I can fix without medication...
- My mood is generally more stable. I had a big disappointment early in the week and it ruined my day but didn't linger for the rest of the week like previous disappointments have. I'm still figuring out motivation, but I feel better enough to plan stuff now; before, I was having trouble even getting that far.
- I'm still sleeping way out of sorts, but I got some chamomile tea and that helps me get sleepy when I should be and stay asleep better once I'm in bed.
- My hormones are still all over the place, but random floating pains caused by it are down to almost nothing--and that right there is amazing enough to make all this thinking about what I'm eating worth it! Beforehand, I was hurting all over in alarming ways, and now almost all of that is gone! I also have clearer skin and the afore-mentioned evener and more positive emotions.
- And my overall energy levels are up.

Here's what I've been doing:
- Taking vitamins and a few herbal suppliments
- Switching white carbs for brown ones, and generally trying to avoid sugary and fatty foods, especially when both are together
- Getting the thyroid-friendly foods into rotation: seaweed, lean proteins, whole grains, fresh veggies and fruits, coconut oil, omega-3s
- Avoiding the whole cabbage family unless it's cooked real well, trying to avoid corn and soy (almost impossible, but I can minimize), trimming gluten
- Taking ACV daily as a general tonic, ands drinking more green and oolong tea instead of just black tea.

And even though it could be placebo-effect, I feel a lot better.

So, all in all, not bad for only a few weeks and a little shifting of diet without a whole lot of exclusions!

How about you guys? Anyone on a diet, or trying to fix something with food instead of medicine? How're you doing?

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