Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday - Ways To Save Money

1. Get used to having tousseled hair and spend less on styling products or give them up all together.
2. Adjust your personal clothing style to be more timeless than faddish, then find a thrift shop near a good part of town and buy things there.
3. Eat what's on sale and what's in season, and mealplan based on weekly sales at your local grocery store.
4. Give up meat once or twice a week-- you'd be surprised how much meat costs!
5. Find free cultural and community events to attend instead of paid ones.
6. Make your own lotions and things when you can.
7. Use coupons for everything.
8. Get rid of the disposable-life mentality; things aren't useless just because a newer model comes out, and you want something new--that's brainwashing at work, not reality. Save jars and bottles and boxes, and reuse them. Patch up clothes. Share things that aren't totally necessary to own yourself.
9. Actually save money--when the receipt says you saved three dollars, put three dollars in a jar and don't use it.
10. Cut back or remove money-eating habits like smoking, Starbucks, daily sodas, needless cab rides, paying for services you don't use.

How do you save money?
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