Monday, October 7, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday - Things We Need In Sleepy Hollow

1. The obligatory shopping scene that next week pretty much promises us--but in the end he decides to keep his own clothes, and just have a tailor copy them so he has the ability to change his clothes.

2. Abby allowing just a little bit of fondness to show through, and Jenny jumping on it as proof that she likes him--then Crane walking in on that conversation and protesting that he's married, which shuts Abbie down and doesn't even faze Jenny.

3. Flashbacks of Jenny and Corbin working together to extract magical items from dangerous parts of the world--and doing their best to help people. Crane sharing some of his own adventures, A bid feeling left out--until he points out that these are her adventure stories.

4. Abbie agreeing to that other cop's attempts to rekindle their spark, but finding him boringly ordinary after everything she's seen; he decides to win her back though, and doesn't give up just because of one tepid date.

5. Modern Templars.

6. Also the Illuminati. 

7. Possibly Nazi Occultists.

8. Others who aren't on the side of either witch coven, but who wind up like Jenny and Abbie and Corbin, studying and dealing with this stuff, and surviving it. Both good ones and bad ones.

9. Other contacts in the supernatural world--seers, researchers, freelance witches, lesser spirits that don't want to kill the world, other ghosts...

10. Ichabod really feeling the loss of everything he knew and everyone he loved, and a moment quiet enough for him to really deal with how he can't go back and how strange and alien this world is now. Preferably before he has to lose Catrina again, because I want it to really feel like it comes from him.
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