Saturday, December 7, 2013


  • Like I'm too light on the world, like I might just sleep all day and basically have.
  • Not much. Thinking about something crafty.
  • The Greatest Sci-Fi Movies Never Made
  • Why Does E=mc2?
  • I had my own place and a very pretty English boyfriend to read books with.
  • I might not make it through all of Dec without writing; BORN TO THE ROAD and EMBER are clamoring, and SEAKING'S DAUGHTER keeps flirting with me.
  • Something about straightening my hair last night made it feel like someone else's hair, and it sits differently and is it possible that it has a different weight than usual?
  • Today is such a tea day.
  • Vanilla Chai black tea cut with Sugar Cookie herbal; feeling like I should have a bottle of wine in the house, but I don't.
  • The San Sebastian Winery
  • A house with more halls and rooms to wander through than this one
  • The moors
  • Cake and cookies--I have to think about what goes into them much more now than I used to
  • Spring sunlight through chestnut trees
  • About a future where I live in a nice cottage somewhere cool in the summer, and I can write or sleep whenever I want because I don't have a strict schedule, only daily wordcounts and whims.
  • On trailmix
  • On rice crispies
  • Weather: Icky as that super-cold-front moves in and brings snow tomorrow, but no snow yet
  • Mental state: Shaky
  • Motivation: Low
  • Whimsy-level: High
  • Mood: Hedgehog
How're you feeling right now?
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