Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In - 163.4! On a food-based holiday week!

It's only two tenths of a lb down from the previous weigh-in, but you know what? It's two tenths down in a week with Thanksgiving and three birthdays--and the birthdays all had cake which is a) one of my main weight-gain weaknesses and b) off the GF diet. I'm basically only making exceptions in the diet for cake these days, and it seems to be doing alright! I didn't lose much, but I most definitely didn't gain!

My bro and I decided that we were going to check out the local Korean market, and when I was there I bought a tub of miso--delicious, delicious, live-food, protein-and-umami-filled miso. Which makes rice even more delicious!

You know, I used to say that I could live off rice. I guess I'm proving it!
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