Monday, December 23, 2013

GF Experiments - Cookie Fail!

I found a recipe for home made GF flour blends that was basically 40% whole grains and 60% starch, and I had a few random stuff on hand, so I thought "What the hey" and decided I'd make a blend and test it out with cookies because of reasons.

So I mixed two parts oat flour and two parts cornmeal for the whole grains, and the only starch I had on hand was cornstarch, so that was six parts cornstarch. I used the basic Tollhouse cookie recipe because I know it well and I wanted to compare results. The batter was tasty but super thin, more like pancake batter or something.

And the cookies looked like this:

Not like cookies! Also, this pan was a bad choice, because it always sticks and I keep trying to use it because it used to be so wonderful, but this is what resulted from that:

Which is tasty, but not like a cookie. It's sort of just a little corn-flavored, it's very sweet, and it's too moist. Like, it wouldn't cook in the middle without burning the edges. I'm glad I made a half-batch! 

I think I need more grain and a heavier starch--or a glue-ier one! I'm going to get to the Asian market after the holidays and pick up rice flours and some other grains, and I bet they have tapioca and stuff too, so I'll try again. And the rest of this flour that I mixed up will be used for something else, maybe crepes? Maybe...something that doesn't need to be thick or puffy?
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