Thursday, June 19, 2014


  • Wanting to write and finding myself reading instead
  • Sort of obsessed with making my life better than it is
  • Loving the thunder outside, and the sound of rain on the window--feeling like a cat in a thunderstorm doesn't mean I don't actually love thunderstorms
  • Sad a lot, but not debilitatingly so
  • Frustrated
  • Getting back on the GF and Yoga and self-care wagon
  • Learning to be gentle and loving with myself
  • Seeking out good examples
  • Being more creative
  • Seriously considering a cuppa, even though it's way late--the battle between my no-caffeine-after-dinner rule and my I-was-raised-in-the-UK mentality
  • Wishing Doctor Who was back on because damn, I really just want some new episodes
  • Also wishing Sleepy Hollow was back for much the same reason
  • Feeling blog-talkative and not really life-talkative
  • Thinking about sleeping on a different surface tonight, just cuz
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