Monday, June 23, 2014

What project are you working on?

I feel like I always need a project to work on, even if that project is only myself. This week, despite being sick with whatever horrible virus my dad brought home and full of body aches* because of it, despite babysitting strange hours because The Sister and the Brother In Law** have new schedules in a new place and at a new, futher-away house, despite my own lack of inertia in any real direction, here's what I'm trying to work on:
  • I'm getting into the swing of major edits on BEACON. It's something like magic when you can feel the story coalescing and taking on an actual shape--there's a glide to it, an easy flow, even if the work is hard--and since I'm writing tons of new stuff***, the work itself is definitely hard.
  • I'm filing for economic forbearance on my school loans before they get stupid and start damaging my life. How I feel about my school loans is a post for another day.
  • I need to make an art. I also need to scan and post the last one I did, that I never got around to finalizing in that way because of all the crazy that started last week. I need to find my way back to that sweet spot that I'd just started getting near before things went wonky again.
  • I'm slowly getting my bedroom back into order so that I can start rearranging it. Somewhere along the way****. I sort of just put stuff wherever, and didn't have a plan for how I wanted it to be; now it's full of stuff in weird places and it's supposed to serve as Bedroom, Office and Workroom, but has none of those parts organized.
  • And I'm resting. My body, because I'm sick, and my mind because there's too much stress all over my life, and if people won't stop generating it, I'm going to have to stop soaking it up. So it's back to meditation, when I can, and back to writing, and back to yoga, all those things that help me deal with stress.
What project(s) are you building on?

*I heard once that viruses make your body ache because they literally destroy your cells--like, they're inside your cells, hijacking your DNA into producing more of them instead of more of you, and then when your cell is full of new viruses that you created for them, the cells just burst. I don't know if this is true, but I think about it every time I get a cold and start aching, and it makes me feel all crowded, like a train station too full of tourists.
**Why doesn't English have single words for extended relationships? Sister. Brother. Mother. Father. And then we get all into Brother-In-Law or Sister's-Husband, and it's too much to type and too much to say. H says Chinese has individual words for every relation, words that don't repeat usage, and I like that. Maybe I'll find words in other languages and start using them until they catch on.
***Because the old stuff was literally just a disarticulated skeleton.
****Like, right when I got this room.
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