Thursday, June 26, 2014

Official #DIY4Lyfe to-DIY list (mine, anyway)

Lately, I've become sort of...Well, I was going to say obsessed, but that implies bad things, and I don't think it's that deep yet. More like fascinated. Lately, I've become fascinated with things I could be making myself. I made the tortillas yesterday because, yeah, I could totally make those instead of buying them. And then I spent a big part of the rest of the day looking up other stuff I could make myself. So here's what I've got on my list, to be done...whenever I get to it.


  • yogurt
  • kefir / water kefir
  • pickles
  • GF bread (because I really like making bread and now I can't because I can't eat it and that'd be cruel!)
  • mustard
  • also all sorts of other condiments--ketchup, mayo, BBQ, etc
  • jam, which I haven't made in ages
  • fermented stuff--kimchi and / or kraut, cheese, maybe fruit wines or vinegars, classic gingerbeer
  • butter! and clotted cream, because that's halfway
  • New gypsy skirts
  • vintage-style dresses
  • All The Art
  • some sort of nail polish display
  • jewelry
What's on your list of Stuff To Make?
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