Monday, September 22, 2014

On my mind

The muscadine jam I made yesterday and the masa cakes I plan to make to eat them on
The cooler weather and how awesome it is
Seed swapping to make my garden So Cool next spring, and worrying about how many of the seeds I'm about to but in for stratifying will sprout
How ninja just bugged me for an hour to wake up, and as soon as I did, laid down and went to sleep
Also how smooth and shiny she is since I put her on an all-wet-food diet to help her dry skin
The shepherds pie I made for dinner last night
The tea I haven't made yet this morning
How long my brother is taking in the shower and how much I have to pee
What I'll write today's haiku about, and how I've forgotten haikus the last few days
How I can get IG posts to post here automatically when they apply to this blog
Mixing up and packing up orders for customers today

What're you thinking about this lovely Monday?
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