Sunday, September 14, 2014

What is taking up all your brain space right now, in a good way?

Here's mine:

- Layering photo-editing apps: this pic was taken with Hipstamatic, patterned in Tangent, text-ed in Over. I love these apps so much, and I have others I use, too.

- Doctor Who: Legacy: this game is stupidly addictive and is puzzling enough that I don't mind replaying levels to get new characters to drop, or to level up my team.

- Tiny Houses: I want one! I want to build it myself! Except I have no skills, no money, nowhere to park it because we currently live in an apartment, and I don't know how to drive.All of which, really, makes me want it more. I adore the idea of being able to move without packing up in boxes anymore. I adore the idea of not loving in someone else's house anymore, while all my stuff sits in storage.

- The Simpsons: Tapped Out: I've been playing this game on and off for maybe four years, and I just love it. It's the main way I'm keeping up with the series now!

- The new TV season: This week coming up, we have some of the shows coming back, and almost everything else comes back the week after and I am SO EXCITED! There's so much promise in a new season before the reality of network meddling, poor writing, and viewing conflict narrow down what we can actually watch!

- International stews: I have such a craving for Ethiopian stews, for rich curries that don't depend on spiciness alone, for goulash and stroganoff, and for British-style stews with big chunks of potatoes and beef. Maybe I can make one this week...I'm definitely collecting up new recipes.

- Fall: I'm so done with summer that I'm leaping on every tiniest sign of the season changing. The nights aren't as hot. The days are overcast and drizzly. That one tree is turning orange. There are acorns everywhere*. The farmers market is full of everything. The cat's winter coat is coming in with a vengeance. I love it all.

- Sewing: I haven't started yet, but I think I'm going to sew something soon.

- Eating my way to health: did you know you can heal cavities? I might try.

- Dollhouse comics: I want to gather dolls and action figures and statues and tell awesome and weird stories with them. I'm figuring stuff out before I start, but I think it'll be soonish.

- Geeky tees I can't afford right now: We're in a boom--there are SO MANY companies making awesome shirts, and even though I can very rarely actually afford one, I love looking at all the designs!

What's on your mind? Let's share.

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