Monday, May 4, 2015

Early May garden update!

Today, I did some replanting to combat the horrors the squirrels have inflicted on my garden! I have no idea how to keep them away, so I'm basically just planting a whole lot more seeds than I usually do.

Because of them, the previous planting a got all disordered, and they're only just starting to come up: the top here is onions and beans (p sure all the corn and pumpkin got eaten), and beans (amethyst beans and butterscotch beans!). The bottom shows...I'm unsure. I really need to get garden tags. I think it's lettuce and bok choi, and maybe spinach. Definitely greens, at least!

These are the ones I did today: lemongrass, two kinds of basil, dill, peas, sweet datil peppers as aji dulce peppers, summer squash, Poona kheera, space master cukes, cardoons, oka hijiki, and my very last two sea buckthorn seeds, since the ones I planted over winter got moldy.

Here's the garden as a whole--so far, a lot of planting and not much growing because of the squirrels and the really weird weather--like, this past week, England was warmer and drier than we were!

I've got flowers and beans on that back beam, greens in the white tubs, mostly trees in the bottles, more greens along the side beam, all the baby plantings in cups and small seed starters (I took the plastic off tr tomatoes today to see who is strong enough), my crab apple and hawthorn trees behind the day lilies that are starting to bud, ginger, and gladiolus!

And our newest addition is a potted begonia my sister brought for my mom!

What's going on in your garden?
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