Saturday, May 2, 2015

We're gearing up for the launch of Cashew Creations!

I said before that we're reopening my old crafting Etsy shop Cashew Creations (nothing there yet, but that's the link!), and here's the first sneak peeks at what we're doing! These are two of the sorts of abstract photo-art my mom does, and they'll all be available as prints in a number of sizes. When the actual prints come in so we can check the quality, I'll post pics of that, too!

The sort above will be a collection of nature shots made into things that look like mandalas and stained glass and such. The sort below, I think, look like quilts; they're also based on nature shots, but are further from the orginal. 

We're also going to open with some handmade notebooks and these slambooks I make, and will expand through the summer with various home items and personal items! I'm looking into decorating vases and things with the nail polish from my Incidental Twin nail shop, because that would look awesome.

So stay tuned for more announcements!
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