Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Talk It Out Tuesday - Why I miss basic school structure

It's a new start every year. A built-in chance to rebuild your life.

Okay, I know I've been out of school for all of two months, technically, but I've been out of a regular school, where you go to class and sit down and listen to people in person for ten years now. And I miss the classroom experience. I miss the chance to make friends because they're sitting next to me and are reading a book I love, rather than having to seek out and join ways to find them. I miss the chance to focus on learning something new every four to six months, and having that learning enforced.

And I really miss the fact that it's literally a restart every half year. Nothing in school has to last longer than a semester. Hate this class but it's required? It'll be over soon. Terrible schedule? Make a better one next time. Don't like who you're rooming with? Transfer at the next semester break.

And best of all, I lived on campus the whole time I was in Undergrad, so I didn't have to have a job, I didn't have to worry about feeding myself (just about the quality of said food), I had a built-in world and the 'real world' was optional.

It's the closest I've ever come to that idea that we literally get to construct the worlds we live in. It's so much harder to do that when you're the only one in on it and you're unhappy with how things are. I mean, I was never thrilled with working for other people, even when I loved the job I had; I was never on-board with a lot of the social and political ideas of the neighborhoods I've lived in; I never did like being told, basically, that there was something wrong with me for wanting something else for my life.

In school, I was free of that for a while.

And I miss it.

I miss the reinvention of who I am and how the world works and which societies I'll be part of.

Don't you?
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