Thursday, August 22, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday - Favorite moments in my life

1. When expensive teas go on sale and I can get them cheap
2. When the cat decides of her own accord to cuddle up and be sweet
3. When my favorite shows do exactly what I always wanted them to do
4. Those conversations that are like sharing a brain with someone and that moment when you realize it
5. When I wake up early and the first thing I see is a beautiful day outside the window--and realize I can go back to sleep
6. Eating delicious food in a new restaurant
7. Finding a new song that I will love for all time
8. When the baby does something sweet and is so eased about it
9. Visiting old friends and snapping right back into the friendship as if you were never away
10. Tallying up the day's calories and finding that I still have 400 to spare and can therefore have seconds or dessert

What are your favorite moments?
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