Friday, August 16, 2013

Yogurt - Noosa Raspberry

You know, I can honestly say I approve of the uptick in recent years in high-quality yogurt with interesting flavors and textures. And I'm amazed at how different the different cultures can taste!

I've been eyeballing Noosa for a while now, ever since they got them in the local Target, but they're expensive to just sort of randomly try without knowing how they taste first. And then this week, they were on sale! Almost down to the price of a more conventional yogurt!

I picked the raspberry. I almost picked cherry, which is a Target Exclusive, but I'm literally always picking cherry whenever I try a new yogurt and I decided to switch it up a bit.

Noosa is made from "milk from happy cows" in Colorado, is growth-hormone-free, and uses a yogurt culture and recipe from Australia. And it tastes different! The unflavored yogurt is tart, but not in any real significantly sour way, and naturally sweeter than, say, all the Greek yogurt I've been eating lately. It has a texture sort of like fresh sour cream before it settles and gets that liquid floating on the top, and a sort of savoriness that also reminds me of sour cream without really quite tasting like it properly. Does that make sense? It's like sweet sour cream yogurt. With just the barest, lightest edge of butteriness.

The fruit is lovely. You get a glob in the bottom, not really all stirred through like the picture here, and it's literally just fruit and sugar and some pectin or something to thicken it--it's like a scoop of not-too-sugary jam sitting there in the bottom of the tub. It tastes and looks and has the texture of real fruit, so there's a bonus for that, too.

The small container is labeled as one serving, but it's about twice the size and twice the calories of a regular-sized yogurt, so I ate half with a perfectly ripe nectarine, and it was fantastic.

I'm so getting more of this stuff, and they have several interesting flavors, so I'll talk about them when I try them.
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