Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In - 168lbs again

How annoying. And sort of embarrassing. I just got back late last night from a two day family vacation where I did not count calories and ate whatever I wanted because it was a vacation and that's what you do. 

But this comes after several weeks of not really sticking to my Thyroid Diet, and not walking or exercising as much as I was before, and the result is that I'm up two pounds from last week, which is three pounds from when the TD was working. And I'm all puffy. And I'm sunburned, which doesn't help me feel well and balanced!

But this is just another example of falling off the wagon and getting back up. I seem to be always falling off the wagon, but I'm also always getting back up, and each time, I try to learn something from my failures. This time, I now know that if there isn't a set schedule, I won't stick to one, and if there isn't accountability, I'll slide.

So I'm back to posting these terribly embarrassing pictures here. And I made a workout schedule to hang next to my writing / blogging schedule. I've found some new things to try, workout-wise, too, so I'll get back to you on that when I see if 1) I'm even capable of the proposed workouts and 2) whether they make me want to die or they make me feel better.

My friend Sy lost a lot of weight and is getting into fabulous shape and I'm inspired (and competitive) to do something useful with myself.

So lets get back on this stupid wagon.
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