Sunday, September 22, 2013

First Attempt at GF Cooking = Rousing Success

You guys, this was the best thing I've had in ages. I haven't officially started the Plan until tomorrow, but I wanted to have sort of a dry run, to see if it's as easy as I want it to be--and this was the result:

And it was so good. I mean, I've never fried a tomato OR poached an egg, and both came out exactly how I wanted them to! How often does that happen? Not often, lemme tell you.

Here's what I did:
- While the water was warming up for the egg, I dry-pan-toasted two all-corn tortillas until they had crispy brown bits. When they came out, I spread each one with a little recaito.*
- About this time, the water was at a low simmer, so I made a whirlpool in it and dropped the egg in**, and let it just cook without messing with it for a few.
- When the pan from the tortillas was free, I threw in maybe a tablespoon of olive oil and fried the tomatoes with salt, pepper and oregano until they looked caramelized.I just thick-sliced a whole tomato because I didn't have any plastic wrap to save an uncooked half.
- About halfway through cooking the toms, I pulled the egg out and let it sit in the slotted spoon over the warm water while I finished.
- Then I topped the tortillas with the tomatoes and then the egg, threw a little more salt, pepper and oregano on it, took these pictures, and then literally cleaned my plate in about four minutes.

How had I lived all my life without this? It's so simple, it's fabulous, and it doesn't have a fried egg, which I don't like!

I made it sort of small because I wasn't sure how it'd turn out and if I'd like it, but it was so delicious I wish I'd made double the amount! I think next time I'm going to sautée some peppers and onions for between the tortillas, and maybe add some sour cream or a white-cheese crumble, but that all would just be gravy--this was damned near perfect as is!

Notice where I literally cleaned my plate.

Whether I stay GF or not, this is staying in my rotation.

* If you don't know about recaito, you've been seriously missing out. It's a Hispanic wet seasoning mix of garlic, cilantro and piles of other stuff and it makes everything better.
** The second egg, since the first one was dumped out on the counter when I dropped the recaito knife into it and then had to clean it up. You know what's not easy to clean off a counter? Spilled egg! It wobbles and slides and doesn't absorb. Which is why the second tortilla was a little over-toasted. But that just makes it taste more like delicious delicious corn!

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