Monday, September 23, 2013

Gluten Free Me - Day 1

Breakfast today was the famous / ubiquitous GF banana pancakes! It was super easy: mash up one banana, mix well with two eggs, add cinnamon, a half teaspoon baking powder, and four tablespoons quick oats and cook like any other pancakes!

As you can see, they came out browner than a regular pancakes, too, and they don't really have exactly a pancake texture, but it's close--remarkably close! And it's tasty, too! This recipe made six (well, five and a weensie one) pancakes and I ate three for breakfast and three for afternoon tea*, both times with a light smear of peanut butter--probably a tbsp total, each time.

They are a little bland; they'd probably had more flavor naturally if my banana was, like, two days riper and if my eggs were free-range and farm-raised and therefore already had more flavor, but those are expensive eggs. I think I'll add a pinch of salt, more cinnamon and maybe just a teaspoon of brown sugar next time.

And this recipe is so simple it feels like it should be wildly customizable-- I want to try it with other fruits instead of bananas, with other grains or none at all, with peanut butter inside or Nutella or almond butter, with a scoop of cocoa, with nuts... 

This is exactly the sort of recipe I love--one so easy it's more of a method than a real recipe and therefore way open for modification. And it's delicious!

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