Saturday, September 28, 2013

Gluten Free Me - Day 6

It's still too early to tell, overall, but I think I'm doing well. I feel less puffy already, and my cravings for sugar and starchy things are starting to lessen--I gave in and had a candy bar the other day and it was way too sweet and then I felt sort of queasy for hours, and this was just a Three Musketeers, something I eat all the time because it's lower in calories than other candy bars and doesn't have HFCS, which I try to avoid anyway. I'm wondering after that if it's sugar that's the problem, but that will take a doctor to check so I'll add it to the list of things to talk to him about.

I really like the Three Ingredient Pancakes. I made another batch of the banana variety with riper bananas, and I added more cinnamon and just a tablespoon of brown sugar for a double recipe, added flax meal, and cooked them in a muffin tin, and they came out lovely. I have them sitting on the counter so when I'm feeling peckish, I see them and remember to eat them. I'm not feeling hugely peckish though. Not like when I go on a typical diet, and I'm hungry all the time. I'm hardly snacking at all!

Slightly in TMI territory, I noticed this morning that there was almost no gas in my intestines--I hadn't even realized how much I burped and rumbled before, and now that's almost all gone! In less than a week!

The only time it's been hard, this week, is when mom made chocolate-chip muffins and I couldn't have any! I think the next batch of GF-pancakes is gonna have chocolate chips.

Are any of you on a new diet? How're you doing? Or, did you go GF? Any advice?
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