Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In - 169.5

Being sick has messed up any headway I made, and when I was at the doctor, I had my blood tested; he says my thyroid is fine! Which is good news, but also troubling news, because I haven't been able to lose weight, and I still have all the symptoms of thyroid under-functioning.

So now I'm faced with a string of future tests to see if there is something else wrong with me and what that something is. But that coats money I don't have, so in going to get super serious with my diet. I'm going to see if all of it is a reaction to something, so I'm going to run some experiments--a month without wheat, a month without dairy, etc, and see if any of that helps.

I'm also going to keep careful records for my doctor (and I'll probably post the worksheets I make up for myself here or sell them in the Shop*). And I'll continue to talk about it periodically here on the blog, too, what works and what doesn't, how I feel, etc.

It's just frustrating, working so hard and not having any of it work. I'm just hoping I don't have some weird chronic thing that won't show up until the last and most expensive test!
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