Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Problems I have with Apple devices

I finally have an iphone, and I love it, but every now and again, I run into these issues--and they're the same issues I had with my iPad and my various iPods, and it's annoying.

1. The design is amazing, but it leaves it so that there's no way to upgrade--what I wouldn't do for an SD slot. Or even, like, a well-designed apple-alternative to SD even.

2. You ALWAYS need to upgrade. -- Everything is outdated almost instantly, and there's always the new version, and so you're always needing to get the new version, which is fine if you have piles of funds and really crap if you're poor like me.

3. A lot of the upgrades aren't really all that nifty, which means you're basically paying a whole lot of money for something that's highly disposable, but not made at all of disposable, reusable, or otherwise thoughtful materials. It looks great, and it's meant to be tossed or passed down the tech stream in, like, four minutes.

4. The whole backup thing only really works smoothly if you have an Apple computer, which makes it, like, two or more times as expensive as a Windows PC, with NOTHING on it when you get it. This, here, has been a burr under my saddle since the 90s when I got my first computer. It always comes down to the cost, and I can never afford an Apple.

5. Apple is super-protective of their patents, so there's not really any comparable competitor tech, though it's better than it was--it's like extortion: if you want this phone, you have to buy it at these crazy prices, mwahahaha.

If they just would bend a little--give us a way to get more memory on our devices without having to buy a whole new device, primarily, and give us something that costs less if they're going to insist on making it buy-new-to-get-better, I'd be 100% happy with my iPhone. I hate juggling space. I just hate it. And the fact that there's no way to get more space cheaply and simply just totally annoys me.

How about you? Do you use an iPhone? What are your peeves?
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