Sunday, November 16, 2014

Baby sprooolings!

Yesterday, there were no signs of life, just like every other time I've looked over the last few weeks since I potted these little sea buckthorns up. I was worried. Should I have stratified them anyway? Should I have scarified them? Is our (admittedly cold) house too cold? 

It's been a study in not freaking out. In just waiting and watching. And this morning there was one little white root. By dinner time, there were two! Even if the three other seeds in there don't sprout, I've got two awesome little berry babies!

I'm not super good at being patient. But being a gardener is forcing me to suck it up and wait, because all the fretting in the world won't speed up a seed that isn't ready to sprout.

And I think I'm also waiting on metaphorical seeds, too, that I'll wait on through the winter and see what they're like in the spring, and I'll get back to you. 

What're you waiting on?

- The seeds are from the lovely Lynsey at -- she sends out bundles of neat seeds if you pay shipping, and there were so many wonderful things in my bundle. Most are stratifying, and I'll plant them after we move.
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