Saturday, November 15, 2014

Psst, Yarrow Tea looks like pickle juice, pass it on

This may be TMI, but I've had a recurring UTI thing and so I decided to look at herbal home cures for it. Because I remembered that I used to have a collection of, like, fifty herbs that I could cure almost anything with, and did, and I have no idea when I stopped using them.

Anyway, so I looked up urinary issues and everyone seems to agree on yarrow, uva ursi, and elderflower, so I got those three--and also elderberry and vitex because I've been meaning to get those. And I thought, why not do profiles of them on my blog?

So here's yarrow, good for UTI, also on the list for balancing hormones, and a bunch of other things. Like, yarrow is so useful for everything that I think I'm going to add it to my garden next spring so I don't have to pay for it.

As you can see, it brews up way greeny-yellow--just like dill pickle juice, as the title says, though it thankfully doesn't taste like that.

It tastes...well, herbal. It tastes like the air in an herb shop. It's only a little bitter, and even te end of the brew that had been sitting with the leaves longer, wasn't bitter. It tastes green, a little grassy, but not more than a good green tea. It's a little savory--like, if I was going to cook with it (I don't know if you can, but if), I'd avoid sweet dishes unless I can get that savory-sweet balance right. There's no sweetness here, but it's also not astringent or anything else. 

So, all in all, not bad. I've had much worse herbal wellness teas (they tend toward super-herbal, bitter, weirdly-combined flavors). And it feels smooth and useful when you swallow it, like it can actually do what everyone says.

I don't know how often it's safe, but I had about a teaspoon in two cups of boiling water, and it came out good. Next I'll try the uva ursi, also called bearberry, related to cranberry and supposedly with the same chemicals in the leaves.

Have you tried yarrow? What do you use it for? How? What're your thoughts?

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