Sunday, November 9, 2014

Video - A quick primer on Synaesthesia

I'm a Synaesthete. So are two of my friends--which is neat, because we met randomly in a group of less than 200 people. I didn't know for a long time that there were people who didn't see colors when they heard music, or that there were names for people who did. I think it's a big part of my creativity and my writing ability--this video says it naturally creates metaphor, but I think it also gives me a sort of...already saturated world. Things are already linked, juxtaposed, given extra layers.

Plus, it's cool.

Some of my associations:

  • Wordsworth poems are predominantly green
  • A German accent is green on the bottom and sort of grey and brick-red on the top
  • 7 and 9 are the same
  • Bendict Cumberbatch's voice sounds like deep purple and gold when he's Sherlock, and a brighter, bluer purple that's less hard-edged when he's in interviews
  • Guitars are always somewhere on the red-orange-gold spectrum, and sort of jagged--so that sometimes, if they're too jagged, I don't like them
  • Crickets look like readouts on those old 1950s oscilloscopes
  • My ideal mate would look like light through the leaves
I don't think about it much, because it's just how it is, But I am fiercely interested in this and other sorts of minority perception-states. Any of you synaesthetes? Lets talk!
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