Friday, November 7, 2014

Tasting ALL the yogurt! - Dreaming Cow maple-ginger


I didn't realize it had agave in it until I was halfway through, and I was a little worried because I'm allergic to tequila and I think it's the same plant, but it didn't make me sick, so yay!

This is a looser yogurt than most around, the opposite of Greek yogurt, really, but not watery, slimy or stringy at all. Reads as yogurt when you're eating it, which is nice. I think the texture comes from the mix of thermophilis and bulgsricus in with the usual acidophilus and bifidus cultures. 

It smells like yogurt, but the taste on this one is ginger first, then a round, soft sort of sweetness that doesn't really ever taste like maple, doesn't have that caramelized sugariness I associate with maple, but is still pleasant.

I've got three more flavors to try, so I'm glad this one was good!

Dreaming Cow
Unhomoginized, pasture-fed milk
1.25 / pack at Target
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